Ownership Questionnaire

It is very important to answer all of our questions.
We want to help you make the right beagle choice for your family's lifestyle.


First and Last Name:  
Your Complete Address:   (city, state, zip):    
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Email Address:  
Household Members (Number of adults & children). Ages of children.  
Is anyone in your houshold allergic or dogs or have allergies, describe?  
Do you live in a house or an apartment? Own or rent? Any pet restrictions?  
Describe your yards (size, fencing and gates). Are the bottom edges secure? Do you have a swimming pool, is it fenced?  
Do you currently have other pets? Have you had pets in the past? What became of them?  
How many hours a day would your Beagle be left alone and where would you keep him/her?  
Where will your Beagle be kept while you are at home?  
How will your beagle receive exercise? How often and how long?  
We would like: (Puppy - Young Adult - Adult)     (Female - Male)
(Show Prospect - Companion)     (Tri - Red/Wht - Other Color)
Are you willing to spay/neuter your companion beagle?  
Are you willing to return your beagle to us at your expense if you can not keep him/her?  
Would you be willing to have a home inspection for the safety of your Beagle?  
How did you find us?  
Is there anything you would like us to know about your family or daily routine that would help us make the best beagle match for your family?